1. You will need to open Notepad, so click start and search for it. Before you click it right click it on it and Run as administrator

2. On Notepad click file then open. Go to your C: drive then Program Files and click on the folder named WJP Software Limited

*Please not if your computer is a 64 bit you will need to open Program Files (x86) which is where the WJP Software Limited folder is stored. If your computer is a 32bit then open Program Files. Check with IT if you are unsure*

3. Open the Microbiological Reporting System folder and look for a file called Micro.exe it's file Type will be labelled CONFIG File. If you are struggling to find it there is a drop down list above the open button, select All Files.

4. In the Micro.exe config file  look for <add key="LocalLabelPrinter" value="Brother QL-710W" /> from here all you need to do is replace the value which is in between the quotes e.g. <add key="LocalLabelPrinter" value="Zebra GK420d" />

5. Once you have made the change hit Save and relaunch MRS