1. Open ODBC Data Source Administrator.

2.    Add A New User DNS, thats DataSource is SQL Server, and click Finish.

3.    Enter the Name, Description and Server as and Click Next.

4.    Change the "How should I login" to "With SQL Server authetication", click the Client Config button and unclick the Dynamically determine port, and set the port to 1433.

5.    Change the Username as Passwod to "With SQL Server authentication" and User the Username MRSTest  and Password MR$T3$t and Click Next.

6.     Dont change Any Settings on the Form, Click Next.

7.     Dont change Any Settings on the Form, Click Finish.

8. Now Click Test Data Source.

9. If the Test has run suucessfully you should see "TEST COMPLETED SUCCEsSFULLY!"

10.  If the test hasnt run sucesfully please check your firewall and contact WJPS.