WCS Updates

This is where you can find information about the latest version of WCS

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WCS Is now rolling out!

This version of the system is based around upgrading the CSS framework bootstrap to the latest version, this increases security and brings more up to date looks to the system along with much better mobile phone support. As well there are numerous smaller changes as well as the addition of an Accessibility statement to the footer. If you need to customise this statement get in touch with us and we will help!

Changed in Version

- Updated Bootstrap 3 to Bootstrap 4.3, increasing security throughout the system.

- Re-written the calendar, which was incompatible with Bootstrap 4.

- Improved accessibility throughout the system.

- Updated stylesheets to compliment Bootstrap 4 changes.

- Added a top 5 events plugin for pages.

- Fixed social media 'og' tags.

- Improved scrolling news on pages and snippets.

- Renamed various functions in the system to make WCS easier to use.

- Improved the overall speed of the system by optimising when certain features are called.

- Fixed numerous 404 errors to old obsolete files.

- Removed 'Simple' template.

- Rewritten Bootstrap navigation menu to greatly simplify it behind the scenes.

- Improved the search function.

- The system now automatically adds alt tags to images when saving a page.

- Added an automatically generated sitemap to the footer.

- Updated the footer to no longer stick to the bottom of the screen in bootstrap.

- Updated the menu/navigation to stay at the top at all times when scrolling though the page.

- News stories now keep their original published date when they are edited.

- Accessibility Statement is now a legal requirement and has been added to the footer. See the following link for details: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/make-your-website-or-app-accessible-and-publish-an-accessibility-statement

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Minor update to 2.8 add your own custom accessibility statement, if you are interest please get in touch. 

Changed in Version

- Option to create your own accessibility statement

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WCS Version

During the rollout of the 2.8 update we have made a number of changes to improve the system and fix some of the issues that have cropped up. They are as follows:

Changed in Version
- News Editor now has an optional expiry date, which if not set the news will not expire.

Changed in Version
- Re-introduced show archived documents.
- Expired news will now not show on the news admin list, but you can get back to old stories by clicking the show expired button.
- News Editor displays only Articles that haven't expired unless the user clicks the show expired news button
- Documents shows unarchived Documents by default unless the user clicks show archived docs button, this button can be used in subfolders as well

Changed in Version
- Second logo has the primary colour of the website when it is turned on.

Changed in Version
- Fixed issue in News Editor that displays deleted news.

Changed in Version
- Tenders can now show or hide archived Documents
- The contact form title can now be edited in site setup, if it is left blank a default is shown.

Changed in Version
- Menu bar is inline with logo when secondary logo is enabled.

Changed in Version
- Fixed an issue where deleted news stories were showing in certain circumstances.

Changed in Version
- Fixed an issue where an error would occur upon editing galleries.

Changed in Version
- Fixed an issue with documents where user level User could not view documents.

Changed in Version
- Fixed an issue in UIkit where the edit page button was not showing.  

Changed in Version
- Fixed an issue in shows where the calendar was not displaying.

Changed in Version
- Fixed an issue with homepage sliders where the images was zoomed in, and images did not display in mobile view.

Changed in Version
- Fixed an issue with homepage sliders on UIKit, missing file.